Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I've developed a recent penchant for retro kitchen utensils. These are easy to get at antique markets and of course...ebay. I haven't been able to thrift any yet, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled.

Here are some of my favourite retro kitchen items:

1- vintage cookie cutters (big on my nostalgia factor - when I was a kid, me and my mom used similar cookie cutters to make gingerbread cookies!). If you are on the hunt for old cookie cutters, the ones with the wooden handles tend to be most coveted as they are from the 1920's/1930's. I got these at an antiques market in Brevard, North Carolina, with my aunt Sallye.

2- An icecream scoop. This blue is classic of the 1950s, classic American diner.

3- My wonderful 1950's 'high speed' beater. Love the juicy red handle! And all these years later it works a treat. I got it on ebay.

Here in NYC thrift stores are quite savy about the value of vintage collectibles. When I've spotted retro kitchen items they have been usually for auction, I remember seeing them at the Vintage Thrift Store.


  1. Oh, I love those too, and have gathered some for my store. So fun!


    barbara jean

  2. I had so many of those. I used to live in a house built in 1880 and I had it decorated to the period. Now I am in a split entry and those buggers did not fit the theme. I miss that house.