Thursday, August 27, 2009

The best NYC flea market... without a doubt the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market (HKFM). I have had lots of luck from this market: two pretty girly dresses each for $5; many silk scarves and OOoooh the furniture. The market is great for conversation pieces - the ones guaranteed to get you a "Where did you buy THAT??" or depending on how adventurous you are, a "What is THAT??"

The sellers are friendly and there are bargains to be found. My boyfriend bought a cashmere camel coat here last winter (the market is on all year but as it is outdoors it is a little weather dependent) which was $40 and in mint condition. Errrrr we may have been blinded by the bargain because the coat does make him look like Tony Soprano....!

On Saturdays and Sundays in the HKFM you can find hipsters, antique geeks, models, vintage lovers and fans of all things bizarre, rummaging elbow to elbow for:
- vintage and thrift clothing (his and hers). One great stall is the Store with no walls.
- kitschy home decorations
- silk scarves and bling
- heels and boots
- funky vintage furniture
- records
- bodyless doll heads/disco balls/collectibles/weird and wonderful things you wouldn't find anywhere else
Point in case - Can you believe that on sale was a metal stretcher??? And also one of those huge candle holders you find in churches - see behind the stretcher. You have to love this place!

Plan your trip to the HKFM around getting some brunch at HK around the corner (39th street and 9th). The Bloody Mary's are good and you can people spot - throw in the flea market, and how best to spend a weekend morning in New York?

For the love of thrift rating (from 1 to 10):

Market location: 7 (not the nicest part of town - to put it kindly)

Presentation: 9

Bargain factor (ie pricing): 8

Stall variety: 10

Approx number of stalls: about 40

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  1. Hi, fellow thrift addict! I love your blog-- and thanks for visiting my blog, too! I used to live in NYC and loooved HK Flea, so thanks for the photo memories! Keep up the good blogging work.