Friday, June 19, 2009

How many dresses can a girl own?

Quite a few I believe. This Sunday, a stall in Hells Kitchen fleamarket had a huge pile of dresses, all for $5 each. Once I saw it, I quickly packed the boyfriend to the neighboring cafe to read his newspaper - he's such a good man! I knew this was going to take time and skill. I went rummaging elbow deep next to a couple of other thrifters and checked out a few nice dresses, all too large, until I spotted these two. I couldn't try them on, but I didn't care, from looking at them I knew I was golden:

- Pink dress - perfect for summer, very delicate, very feminine. Sweet!

- Black dress - lovely cut, great sleeves

The photo in the first picture is one I bought in a market in Buenos Aires, Argentina - I love the face of the slightly grump lady on the left staring at the couples dancing tango. The frame was thrifted at Housing works.


  1. those dresses are amazing finds! do you know if that $5 stall is there every sunday?

  2. Thanks D! This was my first trip to the Hell's kitchen flea market this Spring/Summer. I'm unsure if the stall is always there. He was on the main market street, towards the end and on the left as you walk away from the entrance. Good luck, I hope you find him!