Monday, May 25, 2009

Everybody needs an old tin lunchbox

The greenflea market has a strange effect on me - I usually walk in with nothing and walk out with something beautiful I never thought I needed. Then again, most flea markets and thrift stores have that effect on me. I must have an inner magnet for second hand things......

Point in case. As I wandered through the greenflea - the upper west side flea market- this Sunday, I checked out one jewellery stall that was selling a nice old frame - $15- with a wire backing - intended for storing jewellery. Nice no? This greenflea adventure was far from over. I had a fruitful encounter with 'junk man':
- A quirky handbag - $3. I love it! It has a slightly trashy 80s feel to it - it is covered in a little white metal mesh - and will be great in the summer. Every girl that doesn't take herself too seriously needs an 80s style handbag.

- A tin lunch box - $4. Curiously, me and the boyfriend spotted the tin lunchbox of 'junk man' separately. Ooooooh sweet. We are now the proud owners of this lovelieness which we will use to store our assorted house tools. Isn't it perfect?

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