Thursday, May 21, 2009

The chelsea flea market

Want to bag yourself a bargain, something vintage, fabulous and random? Hit the New York flea markets. Every Saturday and Sunday you can find the Chelsea Antique & Collectible Flea market in a small space in the corner of 17th street and 7th avenue. The area has other nice things to explore on a lazy Saturday/Sunday.
This market is small but has a big personality. For randomness you cannot beat the old barbie dolls and the deer head I spotted there last week. There is also a hardware stall with door knobs, and errr strange hardware things. One lady sells old lamps. Several places sell vintage jewellery, and you can find vintage shoes, paintings, records, handbags, clothes, etc, etc. My favourite stall is what I like to call "junk lady". You cannot miss her. She has two or three clothes rails and a table piled high with clothes, shoes and assorted stuff. I bought my cashmere sweater there for $5. Last time I was there she had some great shoes but alas, all too large for me. C'est la vie. Perhaps next time...

For the love of thrift rating (from 1 to 10):
Market location: 9
Presentation: 6
Bargain factor (ie pricing): 8
Stall variety: 8
Approx number of stalls: 15

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