Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The once in a lifetime Salvation Army find

As part of my two week holiday in England, I take my mom, a thrift store junkie like me, thrifting at the Salvation Army shop off Oxford Street in London.

You can try on clothes behind a flimsy looking curtain on a shower ring. Picture my mom and me squeezed together shoehorning our ways into respective dresses whilst avoiding flashing the men perusing the men's section next to us with a vagrant boob or bottom. Yikes.

My mom tries on a dress, with a geometric blue print on it - sighs and gives me the wise advice that "ladies over the age of 40 should never wear puff sleeves". I take that is a no then. Then it is my turn, I manage to try my dress avoiding indecent exposure by having my mom clutch the curtains closed. It is a winner. Mom just goes OOOOoooooooooo and I think, gosh that is pretty nice. We put our clothes back on, and my mom treats me to the dress, we leave triumphant. A gorgeous Laura Ashley - with a 50% discount on the thrift shop price- a grand total of £12.50 (£20).

The fabric is gorgeous with the loveliest floral print.

I love it when you try on some thrift and it fits like a glove. I think this is a pretty fenomenal find. I cannot wait to wear it!

Such is the beauty of thrifting, you must sift through loads of random things until you can find that diamond. What are your once in a lifetime thrift finds?

The London Salvation Army shop is large, with women's and men's clothes, homewares, books, shoes, and also accessories.

Address: 18 Great Peter Street
For the love of thrift rating (from 1 to 10):
Selection: 7
Presentation: 7
Niceness of staff: 7
Bargain factor (ie pricing): 8
Thrift turnover: unknown


  1. Very lovely - - - you AND the dress.

  2. That's great, the print has the nicest colours in it. I think my best thrift find so far would be a huge Mossman trunk I got at a car boot- it's bright blue with an enormous gold lock and it was used to store magic tricks! Clothes wise I haven't found anything that spectacular yet, but I'll keep looking!

  3. That is an amazing dress on you- wonderful luck! I am so jealous- London THRIFTING, my dream vacation. Unfortunately, not the husband's dream va-ca.