Friday, June 12, 2009

On my thrift list: the white summer dress

On my thrift wish list is a white summer dress - with some embroidery perhaps. I haven't had any luck yet but I'm keeping my eyes open!

Here are some inspirational thrifted examples via Lookbook:
From Canada, a thrifted example of white summer dress AND leather bag from a flea!
Some inspiration from Germany - This is the dress I would love to find - what a beautiful combination of the thrifted dress and a sharp blazer...
And finally, another example of a white dress, this time paired with some roller skates - also thrifted. Not sure about the skates.....I'd last about 10 seconds....


  1. Really inspirational.!! Well, white summer dress are my all time favorite too. I like the combination of white dress and a black blazer.

  2. these are beautiful. now i really want one too!
    have you had any luck finding one yet?

  3. No luck yet - I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good thrift karma!