Monday, June 1, 2009

NYC thrift guide: Upper West Side expedition

Starting off at 72nd street - check out Off Broadway between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenue- a little gem of an indie store with vintage clothes, shoes and accessories. See the Dakota building on the corner of Central Park West and 72nd street - where John Lennon was shot and Yoko still lives. See if you can spot Lauren Bacall - another Dakota tennant - walking her dog in the hood.

Before you can thrift with gusto you will need some food/coffee - so here are some options:

- For proper brunch - the works - go to the Fairway cafe upstairs. Broadway and 75th.
- For a coffee and a pastry/sandwich - go to the lovely indie Cafe Arte. Columbus and 74th.
- For girlie scones and tea - served in mismatched china - Alice's teacup. On 73rd street and Columbus.

OK, time to shop those calories off. Dust the crumbs off your vintage skirt/trousers and get going. As you walk North on Columbus, there is a Jonathan Adler on Columbus and 74th street. Go get some design inspiration.

Just next door to Jonathan Adler is your first thrift hit: the Housing Works Upper West Side. Yipee!
I'm hoping the thrift gods have smiled upon you and you're carrying at least one bag. Keep walking on Columbus and go to the greenflea, the flea market on Sundays, on 77th. Yay! Check out all the cool stalls.

OK, by now you must be carrying at least two bags of goodies. Cross the street and check out Design within Reach. Yeah right - within reach of the trust fund crowd perhaps!! I always wondered who gave this shop its ridiculous name. Go for the inspiration.
Stroll North on Columbus and admire the Natural History Museum. Once you've had your culture fix, it is time for the second thrift store of the day - the Goodwill on 79th street and Broadway.
Carry your thrifted goodies down Broadway and walk past Barney's co-op and giggle at people spending a fortune on clothes.

Further down is Loehman's (Broadway and 73rd) - not a thrift store granted, but the place where many a bargain can be found. If you still have any energy left in you there is also an Urban Outfitters on 71st and Broadway.

By now you either need a:
- sugar rush to get you home - in which case try the delicious Levain bakery enormous chocolate chip cookies - a Manhattan secret (74th street and Amsterdam avenue) - you can thank me afterwards

- or a drink to get you home - for a glass of wine go to Wine and Roses on Columbus and 74th or for a beer chill out at Dive 75 on west 75th street and Columbus.

Go home, admire your purchases, and massage those feet!

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  1. Thanks for this! I'm going to New York (from old York) in a couple of weeks and I'll be staying on 71st street. We have great charity shops here and I really wanted to check out what New York has to offer. I'll only be there for a few days so this guide to shops nearby to where I'm staying is perfect. I might have to print it out :)
    Thanks again!